About Us

Every employee at Nashville Newhomes is proud to provide home building and renovation services to customers in the Philadelphia area. While we do service certain types of commercial jobs, our main focus is on residential construction projects and remodels.

If you have bought a property over the past few weeks, you may be interested in having a home built on the land. And there is no better way to solidify your investment than by hiring the top home remodeling company in Philadelphia. Our list of previous clients is there for everyone to see. We are also happy to connect prospective customers with our past clients, in order to provide clear references for our past work. We also have no problems in giving our customers a tour of a current project we are undertaking, whether it is a remodel or construction project, in order to show them how our contractors and sub-contractors operate.

As a company, we believe in honesty, integrity and fairness when it comes to the services we provide. If we tell a customer we will finish their remodel in four weeks, every employee at our company will make a 100 percent effort to get the job done within the time period. And if you speak with 99 percent of our previous clients, they will tell you that we finished remodeling and construction projects on time or ahead of schedule, because of the way we operate as individuals and a unit.

There is no remodeling company in the area that can boast our level of expertise, experience and skillset when it comes to home remodeling and construction projects. Whether you need an entire home built, or you are looking to get your kitchen remodeled, we are the company to contact. Feel free to email, call or visit our offices for more details on the services we offer.